Our Services

In Sky Tour Travels & Tourism we are so pleasure to provide both of the customers and the- Omani market of tourism with the below group of integrated and professional services:

1. Airlines booking

Do not bother yourself in searching about the available flights through different airlines carriers; all you have to do is contact us Sky Tour Travels & Tourism. We will find the best offer for you and make the reservation on behalf of you.

3. Hotel Reservation

Never get busy by wasting time in contacting hotels for finding rooms at the proper time for you, just contact us in Sky Tour Travels & Tourism and we will do it for you, also we are happy to find you the best price, nice place and professional hospitality services.

5. Safari Trips

Oman has a unique charming desert, which is well known by its nice warm weather all the year and amazing natural view. If you would like to experience such unforgettable time neither by riding camels, horses, beach buggy nor by chill out; Just join one of our amazing safari trips.

7. Groups Towers

In Sky Tour Travels & Tourism we are serving the groups towers and providing them very special offers.

2. Airport Transfer

Wormy welcome from the first minute when you arrive any airport in Oman, is one of our Arabian original culture. So, don’t worry and be assured that you will find who will be waiting for you at any airport of the Sultanate of Oman to drop you off at the hotel. Also, when your vacation ends and it is time to leave, you will find us eager to make you not miss the plane. Just contact us and give us the details of your flight.

4. Car Rents

Do you want to live an adventure through discovering the streets of the Sultanate of Oman by your-self, walking free between the nice and kind citizens or even finishing your business by yourself?  just feel free to contact us and order your preferred car.

6. Cruise Trips

Join one of our cruise trips to discover the secrets of the Indian Ocean, have a diving trip and see the magic under water, amazing fishes and coral reefs.

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